What size re-cap go with what size Pro Knee/Derby Pads?

Please refer to our ReCap Size Chart.

What is the difference between Pro Knee Pad and Pro Derby Knee Pad?

The Pro Knee Pad has been our flagship product since day one. It is a bigger pad over-all and the bend/shape is fixed on the perfect angle to cup your knee when you fall. The Pro Knee Pad is made of 1 ½” thick foam.

The Pro Derby Knee Pad has a one of a kind flex hinge. It has the same bend at the knee as the Pro Knee Pad, but the flex hinge allows the pad to move with your leg. The over-all sizing is also smaller. The Pro Derby Knee Pad is made of 1 ¼ ” thick foam.

What is the difference between Fly Knee Pads and the Pro Knee Pads?

The Fly Knee Pad is a smaller, lower profile knee pad. It’s a good starter pad, great for someone just getting into skating.  It has a dense 7/8” thick foam. Also, the caps are not replaceable. The Pro Knee Pad is a pro level knee pad with maximum protection for going fast and doing high expert level tricks. This is the model 98% of the top pro skaters use.

What is the difference between the Wrist Guard and the Derby Wrist Guard?

The derby specific wrist guard is designed for the specific needs of derby. It’s short in length, the hand can slide in and the slider cap on the palm allows for more sliding on the surface.

The wrist guard is an all-around wrist guard for any type of sport, with the classic open back, 3 strap system.

What size pad am I? 

Please refer to our Size Chart.

How do I measure my leg/elbow/head/hand?

Please refer to our Size Chart. 

Are your helmets certified?

We currently only sell the traditional design “soft foam” non-certified helmets.

Do you ship international from your website?

Sorry, we don’t ship internationally.

Is the Fly Knee or Pro Knee included in the Combo Pack?

A version of our Fly Knee is included in the Combo Pack. This has an elasticized backing for a bit more stretch. Our individual carried Fly Knee has a Neoprene backing.

How do I know if my helmet fits right?

Your helmet should fit snug on your head. It should sit just above your eyebrows, but not too tight. 

What is the difference between our 3 elbow pad models?

The Standard Elbow is our original and more traditional design of elbow pad and is our best seller. It has a  ½” of foam.
The Slim Elbow Pad is a smaller, more compact elbow pad, with a fixed bottom strap. The Slim Pad still offers great protection with a  ½” of foam.
The Pro Elbow Pad is a larger, more thick and bulky pad for those who want max protection for their elbows. It has a 7/8” of foam.

What is your warranty on pads?

Our warranty is 90 days from purchase for any defects and/or malfunctions. Please note, this does not include typical wear and tear.

How small are the JR sizes?

The Jr size pads are the smallest size we carry and fit kids from 4-8yrs.

Do pads stretch once skated in a few times?

Yes, pads may be tight when you first put them on right out of the box. Give it a few sessions and it will form and fit similar like shoes.

Why is the pad so tight even with my measurements correct? Does this mean it’s the wrong size?

No, If you can still slide on the pad it will break in after a few sessions.

Can I exchange my pads that I bought from the website? (size or color exchange etc.)

Yes, please send a request through our Contact Us page. Unworn and unused pads purchased directly from our website store within 90 days will happily be accepted for return or exchange.

Can I get sponsored?

Please send sponsorship inquiries to

Can I get pads/helmets for my whole team?

You can inquire for team pads through our Contact Us page. 


Custom Pads Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the turnaround time on Custom Pads?

The turnaround time for custom pads is typically 2-3 weeks.

How long is the delivery timeframe once shipped?

Depending on your location, it can take between 1-5 business days via UPS Ground.

When sizing, do you take into account for growth?

No, it is always better to buy the right size pad. Keep in mind the pads do stretch with use.

Will I receive notification when my Custom Pads ship?  

Yes, you will receive notification through email with tracking information.

My knee brace is not a Don Joy or a CTI, are you still able to make me a set?

Depending on the knee brace’s design we are able to make some accommodations, but we cannot guarantee a fit for all brace types.


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