Warning! No helmet, protective pads or other protective gear sold on this site can protect against all possible impacts; serious injury or death could occur. The helmets, protective pads and other protective gear are designed to offer added protection, but cannot guard against various bodily injuries that may occur from a biking, skateboarding, skiing, snowboarding, wakeboarding, skating or other sports accident. For maximum protection, all gear should be properly sized and fitted to the wearer according to 187 Killer Pads instructions included in the gear packaging. All products should be cleaned with a mild soap and water solution only – do not use cleaning fluids, hydrocarbons, paints, adhesive stickers or transfers on the gear (helmets in particular) as this may damage the materials. 187 Killer Pads is not responsible for damage to products due to normal wear and tear.

Gear Up! Always wear the appropriate protective gear and a helmet when participating in action sports. Always ride within your ability and control. Avoid fixed obstacles and avoid collisions with people when engaging in action sports. Participating in action sports can be very hazardous, and adverse terrain conditions, poorly maintained or worn equipment, and the use of alcohol or drugs can increase these risks. Be safe and be smart.

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